Disclaimer: There are no perfect people, no perfect churches, and no perfect ministries. Often in our zeal to point out the errors and faults in others, we fail to consume the good that could make a lasting difference in our lives. Our goal is to put aside our natural inclinations to criticize, being willing, rather, to analyze with wisdom and discernment: recognizing and dismissing those things that do not bear witness, but embracing those that are truth! With that thought in mind, we must include a disclaimer that we do not adhere to every belief that may be presented in these resources, but we have found some help and value through them, so we share them with you in hopes that you too might be blessed.

Children’s Resources and Homeschool Helps

ABeka DVD and Video Streaming


This curriculum choice is a busy mom’s answer to prayer, since it covers all subjects consistently, while freeing up mom to meet the needs of her family. We’ve used ABeka’s curriculum for 20 years now, and are grateful for their Bible based, well-rounded education!

Patch The Pirate


Fun, adventurous character stories for children. Our children have grown up singing along with Patch and retelling captivating pirate tales, while learning Bible truths to help form Godly attitudes and actions!

Switched on Schoolhouse by Alpha and Omega Publications


Busy moms will appreciate this homeschool curriculum! Do you feel like you can’t cover every subject every day with every child? Help is available via computer resources! It’s like having multiple tutors available for each child! Mom still stays actively involved, but subject matter is thoroughly covered and tested for you as children work independently at their own pace. Our children are more easily motivated by having a visible plan and calendar of assignments that they can check off.

Carl Sommer’s Character Books by Advance Publishing


Our children love these books, and parents love the character lessons that are taught in each book! If you’re looking for wholesome, read a-loud books that will keep their attention, look no further!

Preschool Prep DVDs

These are our favorite DVDs for helping our little ones learn their alphabets and numbers. The lessons are not busy with loud music or excessive games, but are interesting and colorful enough to captivate their attention.


This is our favorite resource for home school ideas and supplies. Receive a free inspiring book with each order! Some of our favorite school resources include:

  • The Teaching Textbook – We think this is the best math computer program and textbook available for upper level math!
  • Typing Instructor Deluxe
  • Quarter Mile Math – These computer math drills help improve speed!
  • Principles, Theories, and Precepts of Biology – These are no frills black and white booklets, but they have great explanations. Not only will students understand, but they’ll also retain information!
  • Biology 101 DVD – The whole family will enjoy this as a curriculum supplement.
  • Body of Evidence 8 DVD set – These 8 DVDs is a wonderful way to study the 8 body systems.

Keepers of the Faith

This site offers wholesome, character building reading material for all ages. Some of our favorite books include:

  • Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Diebler Rose – This is a must read about a missionary who is taken prisoner.
  • Tiger and Tom and Other Stories for Boys – Short character based stories.
  • The Kings Daughter and Other stories for Girls – short character based stories.
  • The Miller Series – The whole set is great!
  • The Mysterious Message – Children love these wholesome mysteries!
  • Paula the Waldensian – A young girl’s faith and courage impact a whole town.
  • Autobiography of George Mueller – This greatly challenged our faith when we first got married. It challenged us to not ask anyone for anything, but rather to trust God to meet our needs.
  • On the Other Side of the Garden by Virginia Fugate – Wholesome advice for wives that want a happy marriage!

Advanced Training Institute

This is the foundation and backbone of our home school. It focuses on a father’s spiritual leadership, the necessity of harmony in the home, and the importance of character building. We use the Wisdom Booklets to teach character lessons each morning.

Instructional Piano DVDs by Greg Howlett

These DVDs will help young piano students blossom into skilled church pianists.

Creation Today

This is a great asset for home and school, since it answers important questions and dispels the false teachings of evolution!

  • The Creation Seminar by Kent Hovind is one of the best explanations of God’s sovereign power, and defense of creation that we have seen.
  • How To Make Money and Spend It God’s Way by Kent Hovind – This message was presented to teens on how to be an effective worker. Parents should have their children learn a great truth from this DVD.

Answers in Genesis with Ken Ham

Order great books, DVDs, and other resources about creation science. Also visit the creation museum in Ohio.

Youth Resources

Journey to the Heart


This 10-day journey to the beautiful Northwoods of Michigan is designed to help young men and women learn how to love God with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength. If you have a teenager that is struggling with envy, fear, guilt, wrong habits, insecurity, bitterness, or complacency, they might find freedom and purpose at this heart searching retreat!

ALERT Academy


This is a character training program for young men, enabling them to strengthen their faith while meeting the challenges of serving others in emergency rescue situations.

College Plus


This program offers accelerated help for obtaining a college degree from an accredited school. Since this is not a traditional college, students are encouraged to progress at a more advanced pace. While studying at home, they exempt many courses through mastering college level exams, through apprenticeship opportunities, or through on line courses. Recommended reading: Accelerated Distance Learning by Brad Voeller.

Family Resources

Institute in Basic Life Principles


The IBLP Bookstore offers many great resources to strengthen marriages and families.

The following DVDs are some of our favorite and are available through IBLP:

  • Pineapple Story by Otto Koning – a missionary learns to trust God
  • Treasures of the Snow – a young girl learns to forgive and a young man learns to make restitution for the wrong done
  • The Hidden Message of the Lost Pearl by Jim Sammons – a testimony showing the importance of one small decision in life!

The Following Music CDs are available through IBLP, along with many others:

  • To God All Praise and Glory Series by Melinda Wyckam – beautiful and uplifting!
  • Harvest by Steve Petit Evangelistic Team- guitar and other stringed instruments playing Appalachian hymns
  • Ever in Joyful Song by Tracy Ann Collins – violin and piano
  • Bound for Glory by Tillman Trio – Southern gospel
  • Rise Up, O Men of God by ALERT – tremendous harmony sung by men’s choral group

We enjoy the following books which are available through IBLP:

  • Character Sketches Volumes 1-3 – character qualities demonstrated in the lives of animals.
  • How to Resolve 7 Deadly Stresses – If you’ve experienced stress, anger, bitterness, envy, lust, or guilt… this may be one of the most important books you’ll read this year!

Embassy Institute 

For $9 per month, you can have access to countless hours of teaching and seminars including the following:

  • Basic Seminar- We saw this during our first year of marriage. It transformed our lives! It taught us basic principles of life to help us have happy, successful relationships.
  • Advanced Seminar- This is a continuation of the Basic Seminar. It helped us understand personality differences and drives, so that we could communicate, understand, and appreciate each other better.

Financial Freedom Seminar by Jim Sammons

We saw this after two years of marriage. It had such an impact on our love life that we immediately began to enjoy date nights, deeper communication, greater trusts, and a much stronger family foundation.

Wallbuilders with David Barton and Rick Green

This site presents America’s forgotten history and heroes. It is a great asset for educational and spiritual enrichment. You will sit on the edge of your seat as you watch these DVDs! We highly recommend America’s Godly Heritage and The American Heritage DVD Series!

Living Waters Publications with Ray Comfort


This ministry offers many books, DVDs, and Gospel tracts that will equip you to share your faith, while strengthening your own personal walk with the Lord. Some of our favorites include:

  • The Way of the Masters DVDs – This is the most exciting DVD series on witnessing. Your whole family will be fascinated as they learn to share the Gospel and gain a much better foundation and appreciation of their own faith. This would be a great asset to include in your evening family Bible time.
  • 180 – This is a convicting and heart wrenching DVD about The horrors of the Holocaust and abortion.
  • Gospel Tracts – Intriguing gospel tracts that will create curiosity and enthusiasm! Order a sample pack for $5.

Solve Family Problems with Pastor SM Davis

This site offers a wide variety of messages providing practical help for marriages, parenting, and a personal walk with the Lord. These sermons offer real and lasting solutions for family crisis. Download sermons or order on-line.

Growing Families International with Gary and Anne-Marie Ezzo

  • Growing Kids God’s Way offers tremendous wisdom and parental advice for raising well- mannered children.
  • Reflections of Moral Innocence offers advice for parents that want to teach about “The birds and the bees” in a wholesome manner.

The Duggar Family

duggars 2014

This amazing family of 19 children encourages families of all sizes to live in harmony, giving God glory through every endeavor.

  • A Love That Multiplies: An Up-Close View of How They Make it Work by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
  • The Duggars: 20 and Counting! By Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
  • 17 Kids and Counting DVD (Season one)
  • 18 Kids and Counting DVD (Season two)
  • 18 Kids and Counting DVD (Season three)
  • 19 Kids and Counting DVD (Season four)

Christian Law Association: David Gibbs, Jr.


Stay updated on legal alerts! We love to also listen to downloaded sermons from David Gibbs, Jr. He preaches messages that will stir your heart and strengthen your walk. You won’t forget these sermons as you sit spellbound, listening to stories unfold!

Focus on the Family


This radio broadcast hosts encouraging speakers to strengthen your home. We’ve enjoyed the following previous broadcasts:

  • Experiencing a Fulfilled Marriage I & II by Patricia Ashley
  • God Uses Cracked Pots by Patsy Clairemont
  • The Delicate Mother-In-Law Relationship I & II by Annie Chapman

Mike Adkins Ministries

The Seeds of the Harvest DVD is one of the best and most challenging messages we’ve seen! In fact, we were so motivated after watching this true story, that we gave our car away! It is an inspiring story about God’s faithfulness! (Also available: A Man Called Norman).

BJU Press


Their bookstore offers several wholesome family DVDs, books, school curriculum, and music.

  • The Dark Side of the Internet DVD by Rand Hummel – We highly recommend this. Every family who owns or uses the internet should listen to this message in order to incorporate safety rules that may protect your family from immense danger!
  • Red Runs the River – This is a true Civil War story of the life and conversion of James Ewell Brown
  • Sheffey – This is a true account about the life of a circuit riding preacher.
  • Moody Science DVD Series –These are fascinating lessons of God’s hand in creation and science.

Scripture Truth

This site sells Bibles, books, and Christian resources at great discounts. Some of our favorites are the Bible study books by John Phillips; we recommend his book, Exploring the Scriptures, to all new Christians!

Christian Book Distributors

This site sells Christian resources and home school curriculums at discount prices. Some of our favorite DVDs sold here include:

  • Flywheel – A crooked business man must cry out to God to reform his life, save his marriage and business, and regain trust.
  • Facing the Giants – A football coach learns to do his best and trust God for the rest.
  • Fireproof – A fire fighter learns that marriage means commitment and dependability.
  • Courageous – A group of police officers learn that their most important duty is at home!
  • Lost in Silver Canyon (Ages 10 and under) – Two children learn to trust God when they are accidentally left alone overnight.
  • Ambushed (Ages 10 and under) – After serving in prison for a bank robbery, Hank Taggert finally comes to know the Lord. (This mimics a Lone Ranger theme with a Bible verse message)
  • Hoodwinked (Ages 10 and under) – Sequel to Ambushed. Does Hank Taggert return to his old ways or will he follow God?

They also sell an endless supply of great books, including some of our favorites:

  • Lords of the Earth by Don Richardson – What happens when someone is willing to stand for Christ…and die for Him?
  • The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman – Learn to communicate more effectively by speaking their love language!
  • Love Life for Every Married Couple by Ed Wheat – We read this book shortly after marriage. It gave a new perspective on intimacy in marriage.

Sermon on the Mount Ministry with Lew Sterrett

Watch horse training DVDs that are filled with spiritual analogies for personal spiritual growth. You’ll enjoy Lew Sterrett’s live performance of Sermon on the Mount as he trains an unbroken horse before your very eyes.


Abiding Radio

If you enjoy melodious music playing in your home, you’ll appreciate Abiding Radio! They provide selections of sacred, instrumental, seasonal, and children’s music. We are always seeking music to play in the home that creates an atmosphere of peacefulness and also honors the Lord. This site has been a tremendous blessing to us, so we wanted to pass along the recommendation!

Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio and Bookstore

This is one of our favorite sites to order CDs. We think they have a wonderful selection available! Listen to samples first or tune in to their conservative radio broadcast with 24 hr. music and no commercials! Check “music for sale” to find various artists and selections available.

Bible Broadcasting Network

BBN offers conservative Christian music and preaching. Our family enjoys the wholesome children’s program: The Captain’s Club with Captain and Sparkle.

Majesty Music

This site offers wholesome Christian music.