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We’re a large family that lives in the hills of East Tennessee. God said children are a blessing, and not wanting to miss out on any blessings, our family began to grow! Our precious children have taught us that money is not the only riches in life. In fact, money won’t last. Only two things in life will: people and God’s Word! So our goal is to raise our children to love the Lord that they might enter work places, churches, and homes as soldiers for Christ and servants to all. And in so doing, we’ll all have purpose and direction for life.

Whether your family is big, or small, or none at all—every life is a life that can count for Christ… Knowing that our significance in life is not about family size, popularity, financial status, ability, or appearance, but rather, our significance is in Christ who loves us and died for us! May we each endeavor to serve Him with our whole heart.

“Only one life will soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last.”

– C. T. Studd –