Guatemala Part 2

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Lawson and Nathan worked with Mr. Dempster and his sons shoveling dirt to prepare a house site for a family in need. They filled 3 tandem dump trucks by hand! One thing our sons noticed was what exceptionally hard workers the Guatemalans are – all ages!

Besides their strong work ethic, another thing our children noticed was how loving the Guatemalans are. Children in the school run by the missionaries clung to our children – who loved giving attention and candy treats to these bright, smiling faces!

Although the public schools are free, the additional costs of uniforms and other items makes it difficult for children of low income families to attend. The missionary directed school enables many of these children to receive an education, who otherwise would not have the opportunity for education. These children are willing to walk for miles, over mountainous terrain just to attend school. The missionaries then offer, not only a free education, but also a loving environment for these special children.