Guatemala Part 3

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While the boys (with Mr. Dempster and his sons) worked on excavating dirt for a home site for a family in need, the girls and Mrs. Dempster worked on making food baskets to deliver to needy families. IMG_4976

They enjoyed time spent with the children in the schools and orphanage, but they especially loved the time spent taking the children to McDonald’s or taking pizza to them at the park (The Dempster Family constantly thought of new ways to treat the Guatemalan children to something special). Our children noticed how very unselfish these children are. Most had never eaten out and would only eat a portion of their food, saving the majority of it to share IMG_4934with friends and family.

Not only were they unselfish, but they were immensely grateful! A small toy from a happy meal was enough to delight them for the entire week. They still were clutching their toy days later, but were willing to pass it to the other children to give each ample opportunity to play!