Hearts Renewed

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IMG_5579    Parents rejoice to see their children desiring to please the Lord and reconciling wrongs in their lives.

   We recently experienced a small revival in our family when Erin was prompted to begin praying for her siblings. After many tears and hours of secret devotion, the fruit begin to show in the lives of others. Several young siblings began asking about salvation and began to experience conviction of sin. One sibling wrote long letters of apology to each brother and sister, asking forgiveness for various offenses and thereby gaining a clear conscience.      

    When questioning what prompted all of this, the credit was given to a message “Pleasing the Lord” preached by Brother Pauley during chapel at Crown College.

     Since it has had such a tremendous impact among our family, I’d like to encourage you to get a copy of this message if you have young people that have a heart for pleasing God.  IMG_5572scott_pauley[1]IMG_5565



(See media resources to watch live chapel services or archived messages)