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We attended a small gathering in our community to honor the memory of those who have given their lives in service for our country. We were honored to be able to sing and play for this special event. We were reminded by the speaker of many who gave their lives and many who might not have died in battle, but …

Upcoming Meetings

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May 29 –     New Testament Baptist Church (Pastor Samples)                     Maynardville, TN                    10 am Sunday School – Nathan Bates                    11 am Worship Service – Gil Bates June 2 –     Nashville ATI Homeschool Conference                    Cornerstone Church                    Madison, TN                    2 pm – Gil Bates June 19 –   Southside Baptist Church (Pastor Billy Seats)                    Yadkinville, NC                    …

Birthday Party

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The ABC film crew was here to film a segment during a birthday party for an upcoming Nightline show. We were very honored to have Claire Pedersen, Juju Chang, and Andy Bowley join us for this project. The children had fun playing basketball, Rook, riding horses, and playing bluegrass gospel music with their company. It was a wonderful time celebrating …


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April & May were busy birthday months with Carlin, Ellie, Erin, & Warden all turning one year older. We are grateful for each moment we’ve enjoyed together and we anticipate seeing God work in their lives in the coming year!


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There are two things in this world that will last forever – people and God’s Word! Any investment made in those two categories is a worthwhile investment. Our pastor was recently stirred to contribute to a local printing ministry – Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Oliver springs, TN – that we have seen God working through in mighty ways! Mount …

Thought for the Day

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A friend sent this to us on Resurrection Sunday, but as I was reading it again, I marveled at the wonderful Lord we serve! The greatest man in history, named Jesus, had no servants yet they called Him Master. He had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher. He had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer. He had no …

Friends Visit

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Each year we are excited to meet new friends that encourage us in our faith. This year we met one such family at the Valentine’s Banquet in Chicago hosted by IBLP ministries when they invited us for supper at their house the following day. (See We were able to visit with a few of their children at the homeschool …

Mother’s Day

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How thankful we are for moms that cared enough to love us, nurture us, and raise us! Looking back, we both realize we made LOTS of mistakes as children and our patient moms were always there for us anyway! Being older and having children of our own now helps us appreciate even more the sacrifices our moms made for us! …


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Our time at the homeschool conference in Big Sandy, TX was extremely rewarding! We listened to good preaching, met new friends, and enjoyed wonderful fellowship! The days were spent in sessions for old and young alike (With lots of activities for the little ones), and our evenings were filled with food, fellowship, Rook and other games with friends, and sharing …


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Our heart felt prayers go out to all those who have suffered during the recent tornado tragedies. We were travelling to Big Sandy, TX for a homeschool conference and sought shelter in several motels during the trip (One tornado hit 5 miles from the hotel we sought refuge in at Hot Springs, AR.) During the conference, the families were advised …