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We attended a small gathering in our community to honor the memory of those who have given their lives in service for our country. We were honored to be able to sing and play for this special event.

We were reminded by the speaker of many who gave their lives and many who might not have died in battle, but still made huge sacrifices as they lost limbs, memory, health, or  loved ones.

I was challenged as I heard him say we have become too busy celebrating the day off at the lake or enjoying other activities with friends to take time to remember the very reason we have this holiday! May God help each of us to slow down… to enjoy the holiday with friends and family… but to also pause to remember those who have paved the way to help us enjoy our freedoms!

May God bless each of you that are currently active in service and may God extend His love and grace to those who have lost loved ones in serving this great country! To you, we owe a debt of gratitude!

God bless!