Mother’s Day

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How thankful we are for moms that cared enough to love us, nurture us, and raise us! Looking back, we both realize we made LOTS of mistakes as children and our patient moms were always there for us anyway! Being older and having children of our own now helps us appreciate even more the sacrifices our moms made for us!

So with grateful hearts we say, “Thanks Mama Jane and Me-ma for the years youDSC08012_thumb[1]’ve invested in us and for continuing to be IMG_3593role models and encouragers!”

And to the many other moms we pray God will give each of you strength to continue, wisdom to make wise priorities, and longsuffering to endure hard times… Remember the hymn “It Will Be Worth It All” and

May God Bless You this Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Poem by Kelly 5-3-11

Dirty faces and sticky hands!

Loads of laundry… many demands!

Work, work, work, and more to do still!

Obediently listening to God’s will.

Graciously Mom maintained her poise,

In spite of the mess and the noise.

Mom overlooked the frequent spills.

She looked beyond the task of meals.


She lovingly forgave my numerous faults,

And managed to think on happy thoughts.

Now I’m grown and see the price Mom paid,

For all the memories of love she made.


How I long to model her smile,

To always go the second mile!

She surely was fit to be a Queen,

But chose instead to serve unseen.