Cake Bake

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When our house was being remodeled many people came along side to help us and offer discounts which was a HUGE blessing, especially since Gil loves shopping for bargains! (See “Acknowledgements” on our website)

One such blessing came unsuspectingly when we had to look for alternate lodging for an entire month during the dry walling and flooring of the new addition. Holiday Inn Express of Clinton, TN came to the rescue and offered us 4 rooms at such a ridiculously LOW price that even we couldn’t turn it down!

Staying there for a month, we became very close to workers like manager Mr. Casey Anthony and sweet Mrs. Helen. We’ve kept in touch since then and they almost feel like family! (Sometimes we hang out in the motel lobby to catch a glimpse of one of the 12290956Duggar shows.)

12290941Recently Casey’s wife attended cake baking classes. When she made a huge Noah’s Ark masterpiece with several layers of cake, she generously chose us as the grand recipients of her work of art. Since there’s a birthday in almost every month, and double in some… She knew it wouldn’t go to waste!

The hardest part was slicing through such a beautiful creation, but the children quickly laid claims to the various handmade edible animals and we put her baking skills to test! We think she did a super job and thought you’d enjoy the photos of her fun cake!