Majesty Music Conference

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Every year our girls look forward to a summer music camp called Musicollege hosted by Majesty Music ( The day is divided into different classes taught by skilled musicians such as Ron and Shelly Hamilton, Faye Lopez, Matt and Rachelle Whitcomb, Frank and Jean Garlock, aSchettler_biond others.

Not only is it a time to enhance music skills, but even more importantly, it is a time for spiritual growth. Each year a chapel speaker presents challenging and encouraging messages throughout the days; this year’s speaker was Pastor Jim Schettler from First Baptist Santa Maria, CA (Former chaplain of PensacolaRon Christian College). (

Pastor Schettler presented one of the best sermons we’ve ever heard on the subject of bitterness! His sermon can be downloaded from Burge Terrace Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN on August 7, 2011 Sunday pm by Jim Schettler titled: “Who Is Ahithophel? (A Portrait of Bitterness)”. (

Another stirring message is the testimony of Ron Hamilton which can be heard on his Patch the Pirate website. ( His message shows how God can turn a trial into a great blessing, since children all over the world have benefitted from Patch the Pirate’s ministry!