Making Learning Fun

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I used to love making hand made cards; it was a hobby for me. The girls would sometimes gather around and make their own renditions of the cards I had made.

As a 9 year old, Erin in particular, loved to “help me.”  I used calligraphy in my cards, and I began to notice how beautiful Erin’s handwriting was becoming as a result of copying! For the next several birthdays I invested in card making and calligraphy books to encourage her. I soon became much too busy for card making, so Erin put all of my supplies to use and far exceeded my abilities!

Passing the torch: Erin is much older and still makes cards, but now I watch the younger children surround her as she patiently shares stickers and supplies, while encouraging them to develop their own copies. DSC08982

Now, Carlin has successfully learned how to mimic Erin’s calligraphy and card making skills. She often makes cards for Erin when Erin’s schedule is too full! In fact, Carlin made a tub full of cards to sell at The Appalachian Museum’s Homecoming & Craft Fair.

A little time , a little patience, and a little love will improve the skills of your young children or young siblings when their curious eyes are begging to participate in your activities. It may take you longer, cost you more, or make a bigger mess… but the end result is well worth the investment!! So take time to share yourself with those whom you can impact for good!