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We are extremely excited about the Duggars wonderful news of the new baby God has graciously formed. So many have been helped by the Duggars example of patience, sacrifice, self-less love, and Christian faith (including us!)

We rejoice with the family and pray earnestly for the safe pregnancy and delivery of their 20th child! We are challenged by their contagious optimistic faith!

May God likewise give each of us the strength, wisdom, and humility to serve Him whole heartedly in various areas of our lives!

Jessa Duggar expressed it well in a recent Today Show interview when she was asked if it was difficult to live under the pressures placed on them to be “perfect, model children”… Her humble response was in essence: “It’s not about us, but about helping others see the love of Christ!”

May God help each of us have this same desire to direct all praise and attention to Him!