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In a recent sermon, Gil stated that our relationships are the most valuable thing we have:

  •          First, our relationship to God
  •          Second, our relationship with family
  •          Third, our relationship with others

We can lose our house, our health, our finances, our reputation… but with the hope and assurance and comfort of these relationships, we can still endure the tough times!

However, the neglect of any of these important relationships can hinder our faith, our motivation, our fellowship, and our joy!

Let’s take opportunity this Thanksgiving to show appreciation for the special relationships that have helped mold and make us who we are… beginning with Christ who loves us unconditionally, extends to us His free gift of salvation, and offers us forgiveness and fellowship with the Creator of all the universe!

If there are damaged relationships in your life, purpose this Thanksgiving to give priority to mending old wounds and restoring your “attitude of gratitude” for the people God has placed in your family and in your path! Take time to “Count your Blessings!” 

Happy thanksgiving!

Helpful Resources for Mending Relationships:

  • Embassy University (http://www.embassyinstitute.org/) – For $9 monthly, watch tremendous messages on anger, bitterness, and relationships (ex: Basic & Advanced Seminars, Anger Resolution Seminar, Financial Freedom Seminar, Home School Conference messages, and many more!)
  • “Who Is Ahithophel? (A Portrait of Bitterness)” Sermon by Pastor Jim Schettler (http://www.burgeterrace.org/). – This is one of the best sermons we’ve ever heard on the subject of bitterness! The sermon was preached at Burge Terrace Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN on August 7, 2011 Sunday pm during a Majesty Music Conference.
  • Journey to the Heart (www.livingthejourney.com.) An opportunity for sons and daughters to find freedom through forgiveness and by gaining a clear conscience, as they learn to detect wrong heart attitudes that rob them of their true joy.
  • Sermons by Pastor SM Davis (http://www.solvefamilyproblems.com/) – Pastor Davis is committed to helping build strong families.
  • Experiencing a Fulfilled Marriage I & II”  by Patricia Ashley (http://www.focusonthefamily.com/) – A humorous, yet challenging message presented to wives.
  • Fireproof DVD (http://www.christianbook.com/) – A fire fighter learns that marriage means commitment and dependability.