Jubilee Shalom Duggar

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As the Duggar family attends the memorial service of their precious baby Jubilee Shalom, that was born prematurely during Michelle’s second trimester, our prayers are that many will be encouraged by their faith in the Lord through this storm in their life. It was Michelle that was able to offer our family much comfort after our first miscarriage and we now lift their family in prayer, knowing that God will use this occasion for His glory and that He will draw them close to Himself during this sad time.

In Honor of Jubilee

When little ones leave us we seem to think,

Their lives were somehow incomplete ;

Yet, we may not see the role they play

In helping someone else see the way.

Who knows what blessing their life may bring,

Though seemingly such a tragic thing.

For Maybe some lost soul will see

His desperate need of Calvary.

A mom might begin to treasure her role

As she realizes her investment in a soul.

Maybe a dad will spend more time

Making memories versus spending a dime.

Maybe a sibling will stop to pray

Before choosing unkind words to say.

Maybe hurt feeling will begin to mend

To secure their bond with a friend.

Who knows the impact a life can make;

There is a purpose for Heaven’s sake.

So though we hate to say goodbye;

We know that Jesus now holds you nigh!