National March for Life Day

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  We were greatly touched by a message presented by Pastor Sam Polson. He showed 5 pictures, explaining each. The first two were photos of Chief Justice Roger Taney and Dred Scott. Dred Scott was a slave whose master moved into free territory where they resided several years. Dred Scott pleaded for freedom, since he had lived in free territory. …

A Duggar Day

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While in Oklahoma for Christmas, we drove with the Paine family 2 hours to see the Duggars! What a special reunion with treasured friends! We are so thankful for the impact others have made on our lives!  

Christmas in Oklahoma

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  Christmas break gave us an opportunity to spend time with Chad’s family. The Paines beautified the lodge we stayed in with lights and holiday decorations. Chad had even purchased a swing to place on the porch and had painted it white to resemble the swings at Erin’s college.    When we arrived, we were given a tour where we …

A Special Day!

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    December 4, 2012 was a special day at our home… It’s the day  Chad Paine asked our daughter Erin to court (a pre-engagement stage of their relationship)!    Chad showed up at Erin’s college on the last day of classes bearing a dozen long stemmed roses and an invitation to a dinner date that evening!   Next, the elated …

More than Friends!

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  As we have gotten to know the Paine family over the last two years, their friendship has meant quite a  bit more to one particular member of our family!    We’ve watched Chad and Erin’s affections begin to blossom for each other as they have sought God’s will for their lives. We couldn’t be more excited about their recent …


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Our family will be at the brand new church building of Southside Baptist Church with Pastor Billy Seats on Friday, January 11th, at 7:00 pm. The address is 1819 US Hwy 601  Yadkinville, NC. We would love for you to join us if you are in the area!