A Special Day!

Bates Family General


    December 4, 2012 was a special day atWZqLwh4S01w8fcSLZEh5W0ybEpcGkNMjIMpbZvHuGEo our home… It’s the day  Chad Paine asked our daughter Erin to court (a pre-engagement stage of their relationship)!


Chad showed up at Erin’s college on the last day of classes bearing a dozen long stemmed roses and an invitation to a dinner date that evening!

  Next, the JlDAyYRgvBooT-3wzPAKEtcXkQIj22sHZ4Z7F8km7_Yelated couple drove to Gatlinburg where they rode the skylift to the top of the mountain. Overlooking the beautiful lights, on their ride down, Chad asked Erin to court. They spent precious time together at a restaurant where Chad had prearranged for candlelight and a table overlooking the river. He presented her with a beautiful double-heart necklace… needless to say Erin was speechless!


We couldn’t be more excited to watch God work in their YOrllFYtOKinxQ0ikVnlz-Jgm5yGdlddd631oBEG5AMrelationship and we are so happy they have chosen to share their special moments with family and friends.

    We ask for your prayers as they seek God for direction over the course of this new year!