National March for Life Day

Bates Family General


200px-DredScott  We were greatly touched by a message presented by Pastor Sam Polson. He showed 5 pictures, explaining each. The first two were photos of Chief Justice Roger Taney and Dred Scott. Dred Scott was a slave whose master moved into free territory where they resided several years. Dred Scott pleaded for freedom, since he had lived in free territory. Chief Justice Taney, however, with great prejudice, sadly ruled that Dred Scmartinott shouldn’t have rights and shouldn’t be treated as a human. The next photo shown was a photo of Martin Luther King, Jr., a preacher who appealed to the masses to peacefully protest the unjust treatment of African Americans.

  The celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day that occurred this past Monday, was an un220px-Justice_Blackmun_Officialcanny reminder of the need to voice  the right to life that God has given all men. The next photo was of Chief Justice Harry Blackmun who wrote the decision to legalize the killingnilsson_rm_photo_of_20_week_fetus of millions of unborn babies. The last photo is a startling image of an unborn baby, which clearly shows the unmistakable fact that this is a human life who has had all rights sadly taken away, much like the rulings in the Dred Scott case.

   Pastor Polson called his 24 year old daughter to join in him20130120_143753 on stage as he tearfully and joyfully described how just 24 1/2 years earlier, the mother of that girl went to an abortion clinic intending to end the tiny life that wriggled inside of her. Instead, someone lovingly explained to her that this small child was formed in the image of God and that God had a special plan and purpose for this child. The Polsons adopted this baby after the mother decided to choose life… now 24 years later, the Polsons are rejoicing over this gift of life that began their family!20130120_151629