Happy Father’s Day 2013

Bates Family General


  Tribute to an exceptional Dad: My dad was more than just a father; he was a friend! After I got married, he called every morning to check on me! He would give Bible verses for the day and pray with me. He’d take me out on dates once a week. When I had troubles or needed advice, I always turned to Dad! When I was having a hard day, Gil would say, “Why don’t you call your dad.” or “Why don’t you go have lunch with your dad?” It always worked too! Dad would have some spiritual nugget that would redirect my thoughts and help me think less about m20130617_012435y sorrows or stresses.

    It’s been ten years since my dad passed away on June 29, 2003… We all miss him so much, but we’re so blessed by the memories he left! Dad was a spiritual giant in my eyes! I’m grateful for every moment we had together. He’s still in many 20130617_010838of our conversations!

    My encouragement to you fathers is to be more than just a parent to your child. One day they won’t need your parenting; they’ll be grown and on their own…. Develop a relationship that goes much deeper… Develop an extra close friendship. They’ll never outgrow their need for a true friend and they’ll value that friendship long after you’re gone!