Erin’s Engagement–Part 2

Bates Family General


  It was a fairy tale setting… Chad took Erin to a resort called Whitestone Country Inn in Kingston, Tn. He had pre-arranged a day full of activities!

   First, he took Erin on a canoe ride. Next, they changed clothes for a formal dinner. AIMG_5181 horse and buggy arrived to ride them around the property. Meanwhile, the owners placed Chad’s flowers, guitar, and ring box in the gazebo overlooking the lake, where they were to be dropped off.

   Chad had placed a note in the box, inIMG_5171stead of the ring. The note red, “I finally worked up the courage!” When she read it, he dropped to his knees, pulled the ring from his pocket, and asked her to marry him! They hugged for the first time, and cried many tears of joy! Then Chad sang to her, before taking her to a luxurious 7 course dinner at the beautiful Inn.

    It seemed like it was right out of a story book! They have set November 2nd as their wedding date. We all greatly appreciate your prayers for their new beginning together!