Michael’s Mission Trip

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20130708_115347   July 8-18, Michael was able to go on a mission trip to Honduras and El Salvador, thanks to a gracious invitation from Jana Duggar, who had arranged for a group of 9 girls to go under the guidance of Mike Schadt and SOS Ministries (http://www.soshope.org/). The trip would have never been possible without the anonymous funding that paid her way to be includ20130708_115307ed in these incredible, life changing 10 days of ministry.This had been a long time prayer of Michael’s; she loves children and has always had a special burden for orphans.

   Mike Schadt is one of the most active missionaries we’ve eve23r met! He often faces life threatening situations in order to take the Gospel into the world. He rises early and works late. He visits huts, churches, communities, orphanages, and schools. He meets with the government officials regularly. He conducts street meetings; he has planted several churches, and he hosts groups who want to come get a taste of mission work… but come michprepared for work, because he never slows down! His heart is burdened for these people and his life shows it! If we could encourage any to make a trip with this ministry, we can almost guarantee, you will leave different than you came!

   Such was the case for Michael! The schedule was packed! They flew into El Salvador, then drove 8 hours to Honduras, where they held Bible Studies with the youth (working through two books available through Institute in Basic Life Principles: The Lies we Believe photo 4 (5)and Why Did God Let It Happen? http://store.iblp.org/). They attended church services each night. They visited schools and performed skits, sang songs, taught lessons, and shared their testimonies. They returned to El Salvador to host more youth Bible camps, visit schools and orphanages, and attend church services. photo 1 (7)

   Michael was touched to see groups hike rough trails to attend a baptism service that lasted several hours! And she was heartbroken to see lonely, sad faces of young girls who live a very separated life in orphanages void of consistent contact. She visited huts that moved her to gratefulness for extravagances that we often take for granted. She will forever be influenced because of these people, Mike Schadt and SOS ministries, and of course, the Duggars!

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