A Majesty Music Christmas

Bates Family General


  My children squealed with delight when they heard that Patch the Pirate (Ron Hamilton) was coming to our house to take pictures for their upcoming Christmas catalog (http://www.majestymusic.com/)! If your children grew up listening to Patch the Pirate’s character building songs and stories like mine did, then you can only imagine the excitement of having this childhood hero pay us a visit. We were thrilled to get to spend the day together!

     Patch the Pirate sang some songs for us, with all of the emotion and enthusiasm that makes children adore him! When my children were little, if they had a pouty face or a bad attitude, we’d listen to songs like “The Poochy Lip Disease” or “Get the Gratitude Attitude” (http://patchthepirate.org/) Shelly Hamilton,  became a piano role model; the children used her hymnprovisor series, while learning to play hymns for church. When they were old enough, they began attending the annual musicollege music seminars, and benefited from the many experienced musicians and Bible teachers.