Chad and Erin Paine

Bates Family General

IMG_0344   On November 2, 2013, we watched the daughter that we still view as a little girl romping around our living room floor, bringing smiles to all, suddenly grow up and launch a new beginning of her life as MRS. PAINE! What an incredible emotional journey of joy, excitement, love, and yes, tears too! Our hearts are so full now that its hard to imagine how life could have been any better! Chad has become much more than family…his compassion, spiritual wisdom, and servant’s heart has earned him a place of sincere admiration in our hearts. Watching the two lovebirds gaze at each other and smile has been sunshine to our souls!

  Sharing all of our sentiments of gratitude to those who helped pull of this enormous event will probably take several posts (Which have been delayed, due to so much flurry of activity in our home lately Smile) But for now, we especially want to thank so many who sent cards, presents, and prayers. We also want to appreciate those who made the effort and sacrifice to travel and join us in our celebration! You made us feel very loved and very grateful for friends! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

(Wedding photography on this post is by Elizabeth Zellon)1468551_1380822312142688_1186764228_nIMG_0522img_0338IMG_0526img_0401img_0443IMG_0413img_0365IMG_0372IMG_0510money shotIMG_0311