John & Alyssa Get Engaged

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Alyssa & Tori made a visit to Orlando for a late Christmas get together with the Webster family. On Thursday, January 16th, John planned to take Alyssa on a date; Alyssa had no idea this would be the special day they would become engaged! John had prearranged to have a photographer, some family members, and a snazzy rental car waiting …

Zach’s Wedding Ceremony Part 2

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There were some touching moments, like during the beautiful hymn Rachel Leftwich sang as the couple kneeled to pray and during the song Lawson wrote for the occasion. There were tender times of tears and loving glances… but oh, the laughter when Andy couldn’t find the ring. First, he presented a ring pop to take its place, but what a …

Zach & Whit’s Wedding Ceremony

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I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a wedding! Some of the Duggar boys pulled off a series of pranks that caused the audience to erupt in laughter, yet there were many sentimental moments as well. It was just a beautiful and joyous occasion! (Photos on this post by Elizabeth Zellon, Chad Paine, & Andrew Patton)

Getting Ready for the Wedding

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It began as a cold, rainy December morning, but when in love, who cares about the forecast? Everything turned out perfect: weather and wedding! The wedding took place at First Baptist Church in Lake City, TN at 1:00 on Saturday, December 14, 2013. The reception followed at the Main Event in Clinton, TN. The back of the wedding bulletin (below) …

Zach and Whit’s Wedding

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Yippee! The wedding pictures finally arrived! Here’s some shots of the couple: Zach and Whitney Bates.The photography was done by Elizabeth Zellon and Chad Paine. Coming up, I’ll post pictures of them getting ready, the ceremony, the bridal party, and the reception!! Hope you don’t mind several posts of wedding pictures, cause we’re like a couple of old people that …

Love in the Air

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What a perfect way to start the new year… Michael began courting Brandon Keilen! She visited the Keilen home in Michigan, December 30 – January 3. When she arrived, Brandon and several of his sisters took Michael to a sweet little restaurant called The English Inn, where a table was decorated for two. Brandon gave her a journal engraved with …

Erin’s Final Wedding Post

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I keep posting wedding pics, and have missed posting about holidays, but there’s just so many pictures to choose from! I promise to catch up on all the other details of life over the past two months! Photography by Elizabeth Zellon and Eddie Harmon.