John & Alyssa Get Engaged

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IMG_3432Alyssa & Tori made a visit to Orlando for a late Christmas get together with the Webster family. On Thursday, January 16th, John planned to take Alyssa on a date; Alyssa had no idea this would be the special day they would become engaged! John had prearranged to have a photographer, some family members, and a snazzy rental car waiting at a romantic spot. They went to IMG_3360the beach at Disney resort before dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse.  While watching the sunset, John expressed his love for Alyssa; she began to cry as she realized that John was fixing to propose! It was a sentimental moment as they embraced, knowing this commitment would change their lives forever! They have set a wedding date for May 24, 2014 and will be posting updates on their wedding website Please keep them in your prayers during the upcoming months!