Zach’s Wedding Ceremony Part 2

Bates Family General

There were some touching moments, like during the beautiful hymn Rachel Leftwich sIMG_1751ang as the couple kneeled to pray and during the song Lawson wrote for the occasion. There were tender times of tears and loving glances… but oh, the laughter when Andy couldn’t find the ring. First, he presented a ring pop to take its place, but what a surprise to all of us when a Christmas ornament slowly descended from the ceiling with the ring attached!! More laughter exploded when Whit’s Dad took opportunity to sneak the first kiss on the cheek before Zach had a chance! Then Zach swooped Whitney in his arms and ran down the aisle and out the door to Erin’s joyful rendition of “Jingle Bells!”

(Photos by Elizabeth Zellon, Chad Paine, & Andrew Patton)