Philippines Aftermath

Bates Family General

When Nathan first heard about the massive storm that left many iphoto 1hgn the Philippines devastated from loss of loved ones, loss of shelter, lack of medical care, and lack of needed provisions, he was burdened to do all he could to help as many as he could. He began talking to us about his desire to gather funding, medical supplies, and provisions to take to those in need. Realizing how far the Philippines is, how young Nathan is, and our fear of the conditions after the storm, caused us to tremble and pray for direction about Nathan’s request. We were moved by his sincere desire to help, and his persistence in researching and communicating with others to make a difference.  We knew he was in God’s hand and that there was a great need for volunteers!

Nathan met a youphoto 233ng man who attends Crown Bible College whose father is a pastor in the Philippines. Pastor Tan became an invaluable contact and source for planning this mission trip. He put Nathan in contact with medical doctors in the Philippines whom the mission team could assist. Pastor Tan helped plan medical stations in various churches for medical supplies and care to be provided. Nathan began contacting nurses and doctors in the US to help coordinate lists of supplies that would be needed. He was put in touch with Blessing International who sold the mass quantities of medical supplies for the mission trip.

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Lawson and John Duggar eagerly volunteered to join the mission team, so with tickets and Bibles in hand, the 3 of them flew to Manilla to meet up with Pastor Tan. They bought as many medical supplies as possible while in Manilla to add to the amount that was flown from the US. They flew to Tacloban, where they met with other pastors and medical doctors.

Each day begins at 6am and they work until late at night. Theyphoto 2l assist with medical work all day and have Bible services each evening. The nightly services have been a huge blessing, and several have received Christ as their Saviour.  The needs are overwhelming. Nathan reported that he has never cried so much! The first day, over 500 showed up needing medicine and they were instructed to dispense about half of their supply! They have travelled several times to acquire more. Still the lines are endless, and they can hardly keep up with the doctors!

photo 1nbvcnThey visited mass graves and hugged small children standing by the grave of a parent or sibling. They saw families living under tarps, rubble and ruins at every turn. We ask  for your continued prayers for this last half of their stay in Tacloban. We will miss them for our family Valentine’s Party, but we know they are showing and receiving more love than we could ever imagine!

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