Philippines Part 2

Bates Family General


The boys are back, safe and sound in the US. When they first returned, we stayed up late in the night listening to stories about their mission work in Tacloban. We were so moved by the great devastation experienced there! Words cannot express the needs and the sorrows the boys encountered. In spite of the incredible losses, they discovered citizens who were so loving and so very grateful. Each day of medical missions they were met with 300-600 people seeking aid.The people were also offered Biblical counsel and comfort. Each evening was filled with church meetings, where many made decisions to accept God’s free gift of salvation.

One hero of the Philippines is General MacArthur, because he promised to return to help the people, and he kept his word! John, Lawson, and Nathan were inspired to join the march to do whatever they can to help as many as possible! The need is great! Please pray for those in Tacloban!

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