Singing in Colorado

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Lawson received an offer too good to resist when some people offered to make a music video of one of the original songs on his CD. The featured song, “The End Down Here,” gives a glimpse of Heaven and the hope Christians have when this life on earth is over.  ( So last week, Lawson and Nathan flew to Denver, …

Everyday Life

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I had some requests for random shots of our everyday life, so I’ll try to include some in the next few posts. Chad and Erin usually come over to help give haircuts, which is a HUGE help! Here’s some photos of two of those visits!

Belated Valentine’s Day Post

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Our annual “I Love You” Day celebration was FULL of surprises! We exchanged names for gifts, laughed, hugged, and had a wonderful family time together. Both newlyweds joined us, as well as John Webster and Brandon Keilen! Unknown to Michael, we picked Brandon up from the airport and dropped him off to hide at Zach’s house. Michael came to Zach’s …