Belated Valentine’s Day Post

Bates Family General


Our annual “I Love You” Day celebration was FULL of surprises!

We exchanged names for gifts, laughed, hugged, and had a wonderful family time together. Both newlyweds joined us, as well as John Webster and Brandon Keilen!

IMG_7633Unknown to Michael, we picked Brandon up from the airport and dropped him off to hide at Zach’s house. Michael came to Zach’s to watch a DVD Brandon had sent for her Valentine’s Day. The DVD is a slideshow of their relationship, filled with sentimental memories, and it ends with a song Brandon wrote and sang to Michael. In the middle of the DVD, while the song was playing, Brandon snuck up behind Michael and began singing along with the DVD! What a sweet surprise!

We were blessed with another surprise on this special day of celebrating: news that Zach and Whitney are expecting! Our hearts are filled with rejoicing! Erin’s and Whitney’s due dates were a week apart, but our first little grandbaby has gone to be with the Lord, as Erin experienced an unexpected loss. We continue to pray for both couples and are grateful for the many who have sent their condolences to Chad and Erin. We are amazed at the kindness others have shown and we are grateful to each of you! ( We ask for your prayers for Zach & Whitney also!