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We hope you can come out to Lawson’s concert this Saturday in Knoxville to benefit East Tennessee’s Children Hospital. We are so excited for him.


There is a special giveaway to win one of 10 autographed copies of Lawson’s new album #WhatCountryMeansToMe if you order your ticket to tomorrow’s concert and tag three friends on Facebook. Our family will be at his concert and look forward to seeing you there!!
Tickets at lawsonbates.com/tour

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  1. Debbie Maldonado

    I wish my family and I could attend but we live in NH, and wouldn’t have enough time to plan for a road trip for our family of ten. Wish Larson many blessings from our family, and we pray it goes amazing. May God bless him on his new career and this new journey that the Lord will lead him on. We hope during our next road trip to visit your church, the Lord Willing! God Bless, The Maldonado Family

  2. Rosa Clark

    We’re so upset that we can’t go!! My daughter, your biggest fan, has 5 hours of dance or we would be on our drive up from FL. We met you all at the graduation party & are so eager to see you again. We would gladly make the long trip again! We’re praying he has a blessed evening & much success! We love you!

  3. Cathy Allen

    I love hearing all I can about the Bates family you are wonderful I am a child of God and love your show thank you and God bless

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  4. Bethany M.

    Your family is amazing. Hoping Lawson will be performing closer to northeast Indiana soon! Would love to see him sing and meet all of you!! God Bless!!

  5. Becky M.

    Are any of your children (besides Tori) courting or getting to know anyone? I wish y’all kept us more informed about what was going on the way you used to. You still haven’t finished sharing Michaella’s engagement/wedding pictures, we never heard anything about Nathan & Ashley while they were courting, we haven’t heard anything about Tori & Bobby, and you never update the blog anymore. I love the show Bringing Up Bates, but I miss the personal interactions you used to have with fans on the blog.

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