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Today is Election Day, and we hope people are willing to vote. To not vote is still making a choice, so do your part and go to the polls! This has been a controversial and hate slinging campaign. Both candidates have made poor choices in the past. Both candidates have treated others wrongfully in the past. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t give a thorough representation of the faults and facts onboth sides. We know that people will always let us down, so we have to look to Christ for our hope! I’m not proud to stand for a particular person in this election, but I can stand for the lives of the unborn. That’s a hot topic in today’s society, but Jesus loves the little children- red and yellow, black and white- all the little children of the world 🎼. You may not agree with the choices others make in this election, but hate and slander should not be a response in a country that has always encouraged its citizens to stand up for what they believe! Our choice may not be your same choice, but we – like you- have a responsibility to do what we think is right based on the options we have. The biggest thing we can all do is to pray for our country to turn back to God and for both of these candidates to turn to Him for direction!

May God bless America, whatever the results of today’s election might be!


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  1. Carole

    Amen, our hope is in Christ and God’s plan for our nation. The battle has been won, we know who is the victor. No matter who wins the Election, God is in control.

  2. Bill

    We have had to choose the lesser of 2 evils for a very long time. The candidates both are lacking. But then we most look to their party stance and what they said in their platform. Know this before you vote. As a Christian which stands by my God given rights. Free speech, freedom of religion (not freedom from religion), marriage between a man and a woman and the 2nd amendment.

  3. Teresa Franklin

    Blessings and love. To vote is a great honor and privilege. I also believe it is our responsibility as American Citizens to vote.
    As a Christian I feel it is my duty to vote.
    I have taken that very seriously since I was allowed to do my first voting. My parents instilled in us kids the very importantance of voting and why every since I can remember. They have voted on every election and on every issue that comes up and so do I. I am married to a man that has that conviction too.

  4. Debbie

    Never should any Christian vote for someone who believes in abortion! God is the only one in control of that!
    Praying for God’s help!
    Love the entire Bates family! Watching your show brings me great peace and joy! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us!

  5. Tammy Brown

    That is a great way you put it. I think America is in big trouble with both candidates, and that is sad. They both do more slandering and fighting with each other than what is right for our country. God Bless the USA.

  6. Bob White

    I watch your show every week .I enjoy your family. I did vote today but a old preacher told me once it doesn’t matter who is in the White House but who’s on the throne that matters.

  7. Brenda Osburn

    I completely agree!!
    The next few Supreme Court Judge appointments will be critical for our country.

    God Bless

  8. Lisa/Syncopated Mama

    I really like how you said that even though you’re not proud to stand for a particular person, you can still stand for the lives of the unborn! This has been an especially disheartening election, but finding something positive to focus on is a great choice! Thanks for all the encouragement your family gives to others!

  9. Linda G Taylor

    Thank you for speaking the truth! God Bless you and your beautiful family!!! Praying for our country everyday!! In Jesus name!!

  10. Jeanette Bates

    I agree totally. Our country was founded upon God and prayer. Whoever gets elected needs to be uplifted in prayer. Our time is short; Christ’s coming is growing near.

  11. PATRICIA Vertlieb

    I only wish that even part of our country have your family values. God has maintained us and sustained us thus far.I pray for our country, my brothers sisters. Especially for all of God’s unborn children.

  12. Judy Dacanay

    Absolutely. I just had an article published in our local (Pittsburgh) Catholic magazine saying the same. Value all human life. Top priority in my voting. Now that this election is coming to a close, perhaps I can resume watching your family’s uplifting program. God bless!

  13. Christine

    Beautifully said! We need to pray that the hearts of many and that this country will be turned back to God! He is in control and has that perfect plan for us!!

  14. Daniel Barton

    I love the thoughts that your family has on the election. Thank you for being a great example. It’s a great reminder to know that no person is going to be the answer. No President is going to fix our problems in our land. But there is One Who can, and His Name is Jesus.

  15. Susan

    Mrs. Bates, I’m curious about your views on refugees. It breaks my heart to see what is being done to Syrian children. I don’t understand how someone who is pro-life could vote for a leader who bans them from our country. Isn’t it our moral duty as Christians to help the suffering and less fortunate?

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