The Bates Family shared Lawson Bates Official’s post

The Bates Family shared Lawson Bates Official’s post

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An absolute legend got his wings… There wasn’t a classic my man Conner didn’t know! From Elvis, Garth, Johnny Cash, or Dolly Parton, to any hymn in the book. Word for word, he’d be singin’ em with a passion and enthusiasm that’d keep you mesmerized and grinning from ear to ear. Watching him do his thing was simply pure joy! That big ole jovial personality, tender heart, and never ending humor inspired and uplifted the spirit of every single person who was privileged to walk into his world. Someone once said, “True wealth does not glitter, it is revealed by the beauty of a life well lived,” and that is something my friend surely did. Although my pal will be missed like crazy, I know that he’s in a far better place, resting in the arms of Jesus, free of pain, and singin’ loud and proud!

Rest In Peace

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